Arcadia Tree Service

Arcadia Tree Service will give your property a well-cared for curb appeal that welcomes others to your home. Your trees add beauty and increase property values. However, they do need care. Why not leave your tree maintenance to the professionals at Arcadia Tree Service.

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Doing it yourself risks more than the health of your trees, you risk your safety.

Tree care is best left to professionals. Our skilled trimming and removal team have the experience to handle those tasks safely. The tools and equipment we use are up-to-date adding to the safety of your property, the health of your trees and the skill and security of our technicians.

We serve Arcadia, California and the surrounding area. Call us when you need:

  • Pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Tree stumps removed
  • Emergency help for damaged trees that pose a safety threat

Arcadia Tree Service is certified. We offer free estimates. Our contract will outline the total cost to you, the date the work will begin and end.

We offer proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation. While we are on-the-job, you are protected from any liability or injuries that may occur to our workers or your property. You do not pay us until the job is complete. There are no up-front charges and no add-on charges.

We are proud of our customer base and always happy to accommodate clients who ask for references from previous clients. Our pricing is competitive, but if a tree service bids your work less than we do, then please do some background checking into that company. Training, equipment, including safety equipment and insurance, are costly to tree companies. If the bid is low, the tree company may not be certified and insured. That puts you as the homeowner at risk.

When the job is complete, we clean up the area and remove all debris on your property. Municipalities do not pick up construction debris, and we will not leave the job for you to do.

Often we find that areas have ordinances on the books that apply to tree removal even on private property. Arcadia, California has ordinances governing the removal of Oak Trees from any public or private property. Arcadia Tree Service familiarizes themselves with specific city ordinances, so the property owner knows what is and is not possible. We obtain any necessary permits to comply with local laws.

Trees clean the air as well as provide shade and ambiance. They are slow growing but with proper care, future generations will continue to enjoy the same trees previous generations planted for us.  Call Arcadia Tree Service for a free consultation about the trees on your property. We will evaluate the health, growth patterns and note any problem areas we see. Emergencies such as dangling tree limbs can be dealt with since it is a safety hazard to the community.  Whether your property is residential or commercial, together we can devise the right plan for the regular maintenance of your trees while staying within your budget.