About Us

Arcadia Tree Service has been delivering residential and commercial tree care services for many years. Each year we help a lot of homeowners and business owners in Arcadia and other areas of California resolve their tree problems successfully.

Due to providing clients with many significant competitive advantages we have managed to build a solid reputation on the market. Arcadia Tree Service has recommended itself as one of the best providers of tree care services in Arcadia and California.

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We Are A Reliable Team of Tree Care Professionals

It is not a surprise that a lot of people choose to use our tree care services. Moreover, our customers are always happy with the quality of our tree care services which are provided by our company. Most of our clients leave good reviews about us and recommend our tree care company to other homeowners and business owners in Arcadia. That’s why the number of our customers is steadily growing.

We Specialize in Tree Care Services of All Different Types

Arcadia Tree Service is always ready to provide an effective solution to any of your tree care needs. We offer a full range of tree care services that includes the following: tree trimming and cutting, tree and stump removal, brush removal, palm tree trimming, lot clearing as well as many other tree care services.

​It is important to know that we also provide emergency tree care services. That means that you can always call us when you need the assistance of reliable tree care experts in Arcadia and its surrounding areas.

Our Mission Is To Provide People With The Best Customer Experience

Arcadia Tree Service is committed to providing its clients with tree care services of premium quality and excellent customer service. That means that our professionals will maintain your trees and brushes properly. Without a doubt, they will help you keep trees and bushes on your property healthy. Moreover, our tree care experts will be able to add value to your property by maintaining your trees and brushes professionally.

We are proud of our highly professional and very friendly staff! Each of our arborists is an enormous asset to our tree care team. It is worth saying that all of our arborists are highly trained and have huge experience in performing different types of tree care jobs. So, they can easily handle any of your tree problems. Our tree care professionals are reliable people, who always take a responsible attitude to business. So, you can be sure that things will be done in the right way!

There is no doubt that if you choose our tree care company for professional tree care we can guarantee that all of your problems will be resolved quickly, efficiently and safely. Another significant benefit of dealing with us is that our company offers tree care services at the best prices in Arcadia. We don’t require our clients to pay any hidden costs. Therefore, you will manage to save a lot of money if you choose to deal with Arcadia Tree Service!