Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is often a misunderstood service provided by Arcadia Tree Service. We never “top off” a tree to make it shorter. Crown thinning reduces the density of foliage in the crown. We never remove more than 25% of the foliage at one time, and the height of the tree after thinning is the same as before thinning. If we remove more than 25%, we compromise the health and stability of the tree, and that would be a dis-service to you.

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When neglected for a long time, the tree foliage may become so dense that more than 25% needs removing. When that happens, we thin out 15% -25% and after the next growing season, we will remove more.  Crown thinning, usually performed on mature hardwood trees, is temporary, and the foliage will grow back.

We do crown thinning at Arcadia Tree Service because there are several benefits in populated areas.

  • The tree may be perfect for the setting but after a few years, the density increases, so no sunlight gets through to ground level plants nearby.
  • When the tree canopy is less dense, winds can pass through the tree, lessening the impact directly on the tree.
  • Crown thinning means fewer branches are putting stress on the tree through windstorms, the weight of snow and ice and simply gravity. This is particularly the case of branches that are not structurally sound to begin with.
  • The selective removal of stems and branches is used to improve the shape of the tree crown and structure of the tree.
  • Thinning reduces the number of pests that feed on the tree.
  • The tree can remain in place to provide shade and beauty without being a safety hazard.  It is a much better solution than cutting the tree down because someone might get hurt.

If the tree is in an open area, away from people and buildings crown thinning is not necessary. Nature takes care of falling dead branches and removing weaker crown branches using wind and storms.

Arcadia Tree Service performs this pruning technique correctly, so crown thinning protects the stability of the tree as well as the safety of everyone and everything around it. If a tree service provider does not have the necessary skills and equipment for crown thinning then you risk losing the tree or allowing it to become a safety hazard.

Crown thinning is all about knowing where to cut and how much. One instance where an unskilled tree service will make itself known is cutting U-shaped branches. Those should usually be left alone.  The V-shaped branches are weak and need cutting first. When one branch is cut from the V, the other grows stronger. Even those should only be cut if the base of the branch is less than ¾ the diameter of the stem.

Arcadia Tree Service executes Crown thinning so precisely the tree will not appear thinner but keep its shade, beauty and form.