Tree Removal

For tree removal service, call Arcadia Tree Service for a professional consultation because there are several factors to consider before removing a tree.

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1. Should the tree be removed?

You may think your tree needs removal because it appears to be a safety hazard but you are reluctant to take that step.

Arcadia Tree Service can help you. If the tree is not located near neighbors or public property, you may be able to get more years out of it. We can evaluate the stability of the tree, and if less than 50% of it is dead, we can try to save it. Cutting away dead wood will improve the health and appearance of the tree.

2. Removing less than desirable trees is an option.

Some trees are less desirable than others are, and you may want to remove them. These are trees that are easily infested with diseases, have shallow roots that damage the surrounding area, and because the wood is weak, there is always breakage leaving dirt and debris on everything around it.

Silver maples, black locust, box elder and willow trees are just a few that fall into the undesirable category. The tree may be healthy, but it is more work than beauty in high activity areas.

3. The location of the tree is critical.

Access to the work area so we can remove the tree with little interference in public and private neighboring areas is necessary. If there are power lines nearby, we need to decide the logistics of getting men and equipment safely in position to carry out the work without disrupting service. If that is not possible, we call in the utility service for help.

Cutting down a large tree is not a project a property owner should try to do himself. You may save money trying to do-it-yourself but experience has shown us that safety issues and property damage are often the results. You need a licensed and experienced tree service that is fully insured against all liability loss. The tree service employees must be covered by Worker’s Compensation for your protection.

When you hire unlicensed and uninsured people with chainsaws and climbing gear, you are liable for their injuries, damage to your own, and your neighbor’s property. Add in the cost of cleaning up the mess from a botched job and it is not worth the risk.

Arcadia Tree Service is licensed and insured. Our employees are experienced and skilled in the use of machines and tools to do the job right.

We will top off the tree, and small branches go into the chipper. We then take the trunk down one section at a time and cut that and the larger branches into manageable logs. We remove the stump, clean the area and haul the debris away. No drama. Of course, if you want to keep the wood from the tree for your use, it can be neatly stacked for drying.