Tree Trimming

Depend on Arcadia Tree Service to help your trees live longer and look better by keeping them properly trimmed and pruned. Trimming increases air circulation within the tree, and that reduces disease and weather damage.

Tree trimming gets rid of dead or unhealthy limbs that are safety hazards in severe weather. High winds can dislodge dead branches turning them into projectiles that can penetrate roofs, damage cars and injure people.

Lawns and plants in areas shaded by trees receive more sunlight when trees are regularly trimmed, and a routine maintenance schedule is followed. Even grass and plants labeled for shaded areas still do better with some diffused sunlight through the trees.

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When To Prune And Trim Your Trees

Regular maintenance pruning of most trees is good anytime of the year, but a few species do better with fall or spring pruning. Arcadia Tree Service is knowledgeable about which trees have preferences even for light maintenance trimming.

Only prune during a drought if a plucked leaf shows moisture. If moisture is present, they will grow back.

Prune during active growth seasons because that is when the tree can quickly heal the cuts. Prune summer flowering trees in the winter.

Anytime dead branches pose a safety hazard like falling on people or property. Trim anytime tree limbs interfere with power lines or become a vision obstacle for drivers and pedestrians.

Prune dead branches anytime, there will be no damage to the health of the tree.

Prune large branches that cross and rub against each other. You should not cut where two branches come together in a V shape.

Only prune healthy limbs if you want to improve the form of a tree.

Why Call Arcadia Tree Service?

Arcadia Tree Service has the workers and equipment to handle your largest tree pruning and trimming projects. You want to call us if you love your trees because we have the expertise to ensure your trees health.

  • Improper pruning can damage trees. Arcadia Tree Service has the knowledge to do the job.
  • We use sharp disinfected tools to make small cuts.
  • Dry trees are pruned with angled cuts, enabling water to fall from branches.
  • We use disinfectant on our tools because if branches are wet, any existing disease will spread.
  • Incorrect or untimely pruning will distress the tree. We at Arcadia Tree Service know how to angle the cut on any tree. We also know the right time of year for pruning any specimen.
  • We never prune more than 25% of the tree at once because the photosynthesis surface would be limited, affecting the health of the tree and roots.

Trees add so much to our well-being. With a little regular care and knowledge, they will thrive. At Arcadia Tree Services, we work with you to care for your trees on an on-call basis. However, we can also set up a routine maintenance schedule that will ensure your trees receive proper care at the appropriate time.